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Review | Webinar on Paid Traffic

Why this one is a must-see

BY KARIN, Feb 2021

TEAM! I'm so excited to write this review!! Finally a webinar that delivers on its promise. So let's jump right in: This is a must-see and here's why (incl. timestamps) 👇


How You Can Generate $1000's Online With This Simple 3-Step System (zero experience required)

#1 Clickbank affiliate in the world

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Quick Summary

Robby Blanchard is the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world and in this exclusive webinar he shares his 3-step method for making huge commissions in 1-2 hours a day, even if you have zero experience. 

The Amazing Stuff

  • It's a hot topic. Especially with all of us working from home and many of us looking for new streams of income. And let's be frank, who wouldn't want to generate $1000's online? 
  • It's FREE! Who doesn't like a free training that actually teaches you something? I know I do.
  • It's taught by an expert with a personal story that just as well could be yours or mine. Just 4 years ago Robby was just a gym owner trying to get by and now he's the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the world making crazy commissions!
  • It's absolutely jam-packed with proof and real-life examples. At 2min50, he jumps straight in with proof, to show how his 3-step system has worked for him and many of his students. 
  • At 3min41, he debunks myths what you need to be successful and many of those are quite surprising:
  • The discussed system works with free tools (see 5min30), no fancy software required and is incredibly easy to understand. 
  • From 48min till 1h08, the webinar delivers on its promise to show you the 3-step system and "the best & easiest way to make money online in the comfort of your own home".
  • You know any webinar will eventually present you with an offer. This offer only comes in at 1h09, and only after delivering the training. And turns out it's a great offer too, again very much on topic.

The Slightly Less Amazing Stuff

  • It's longer than the average webinar. The total webinar runs for two hours and ten minutes, but then again, it's jam-packed with value and over delivers, so I suppose that takes time. 
  • You obviously can't pause or rewind, which means you're missing out if you're not watching with a pen and paper at the ready (yes, this was me).
  • I feel it's a little heavy on user testimonials. Admitted, providing proof is required and I do love encouraging real-life examples, but I think this webinar would be equally strong with a shorter testimonial reel. 

Who Should Watch It And Why

So, whether you're an experienced online marketeer or a newbie ready to dip your toes, you'll find something to love about this webinar.

  1. Beginners to Clickbank | Focus on 49-55min for a live walkthrough.
  2. Beginners to FB ads | Focus on 55-1h01min to learn how to target the right people.
  3. Marketeers ready to scale up and considering buying the CH course | Focus on 14-24min for user testimonials, on 1h09min where the offers come in and 1h24 to see what's inside the course.
  4. People considering affiliate marketing to generate an online income | If you're excited after this engaging webinar, you know it's for you. 

My personal take-away came in at 53min and is called the Open Loop, watch out for it.

So, what are you waiting for? It's completely free, it delivers amazing value and most importantly, it delivers on its promise! Book a spot and get ready, it's time well spent, promise!

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