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Ok parents, are you ready? Time for your first challenge in our 2019 Spring edition! Since the weather has been amazing over the last couple of days, we will be going outside for some active play. 

week 1: rainbow nature crafts
duration: 2 hours

Let's explore our own neighbourhood this week. Often we think we need to go far to find interesting places while lots of fun can be found right around the corner. Big plus: you're there in no time, leaving you more time for your activity. 

So here is your template for this week's challenge:

1. pick your outdoor location
  • the local adventure playground
  • the nearest park
  • a small leafy courtyard
  • your own garden

Any green space will do. My little trick for quick inspiration: pull up the satellite view of your town on Google Maps and head to the nearest green space.

Screen Free Activities 12 week challenge Unplugged Family Time Week 1
2. start this week's challenge:

Rainbow Nature Crafts

You are going to create a rainbow coloured artwork with nature's gems. 

  • Collect leaves, flowers, small rocks, grass etc. in every colour of the rainbow. Some colours will be more difficult to find than others (like blue) but most colours will be out there, it just takes a little detective work your little Sherlock will love. 
  • You could go completely free-style and just get outside unprepared. If you're more the organised type, browse some inspiration here (it's a pinterest board of rainbow nature crafts I've put together to get you going). 
  • Depending on the environment and the kids' ages, you can mix things up: only have them search for their favourite colours, or add a time limit and make it a race. You could also give your kids a magnifying glass or binoculars to make it more official.
  • Fun way to carry all the treasures around: wrap your kids' wrist with tape (sticky side on the outside) and have them stick their items on their own nature bracelet.
  • After finishing your rainbow, you might want to leave your rainbow art behind for others to find and enjoy. 
3. share your results

I hope you had a great time together searching for that last purple item or showing off your nature bracelet. We had quite some trouble finding that last blue item.

Once back home, please send me a pic of your rainbow, or post it to FB, am curious to see the results! 

week 1: rainbow nature crafts - RESULTS

This is how we did:


* we used the Nature Colour Wheel from Mother Natured, simple and very practical (free printable)  

join me in next week's challenge: gardening with kids

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Screen free activities 12 week challenge Unplugged Family Time
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