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create a dazzling kids mandala

duration: 2 hours

For this nature craft activity, we are going to the beach. It's hands down one of my favourite places to go with the family, there is always so much to see and do. Either just strolling along, feeling the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes or engaging in a beach activity, the beach never fails to entertain. For me, going to the beach is the easiest way to relax and unwind, a simple pleasure that's completely free.

When we hit the beach, my kids almost always find a stick and start tracing tracks. It's a strangely satisfying activity, aimlessly wandering along the beach, drawing in the sand. 

But since us adults often want a little more direction, and since we're programmed to work towards results, this beach challenge has a concrete goal; to create a mandala for kids. We'll combine drawing shapes in the sand with a beach combing activity every kid will love, resulting in a stunning piece of mandala art.

Creating a mandala on the beach, a beach craft activity Beachcombing | Tracing trails

Here's your template:

mandala for kids | a refreshing activity for little beach combers

1. what is a mandala?

Creating a mandala on the beach | What is a Mandala?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to circle' or 'centre' and represents the universe. Mandalas generally have one identifiable center point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms.

Colouring and drawing mandalas has become hugely popular and is often used for relaxation, stress-relief and meditation.

I chose the mandala symbol as our beach craft, because they simply look amazing while they are relatively easy to create, win-win!

2. beach combing: Finding your craft materials

You can either start with a blank page (sandy stretch) and let your findings lead you. Your mandala will grow organically depending on everybody's input.  

If you're a planner and you'd prefer to come to the beach prepared, check out some beach mandalas here. With a specific mandala in mind, you can send out your little beach combers and let them hunt for that perfect pebble or coloured shell.

How to create a dazzling beach mandala Beach Crafts Unplugged Family Time

3. beach crafting: Making your Mandala

Once you've collected the first items, it's time for your inner artist to take over and create your dazzling piece of mandala art.

  • Start with a large and unique item as your center piece, for example a rock, pebble or piece of coral.
  • Work outwards from there. Easiest to do is to create bigger circles around the center piece and fill in the empty spaces between. Have fun with the pattern that starts to emerge before your eyes.
  • Mandala do not have to be round nor do they have to be symmetrical. Spirals also work amazingly well.
  • Let creativity lead you and see where you go!
How to draw a mandala
Creating a mandala on the beach
Creating a mandala on the beach examples Unplugged Family Time
Creating a mandala on the beach Beach Craft Activity Unplugged Family Time
Creating a mandala on the beach Beach Craft Activity Unplugged Family Time

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4. other Fun crafts to do at the beach

Chances are all family members get so enthusiastic that your mandala is done in no time. Not ready to head home yet? Try some of these other fun beach crafts: sculptures of animals, people, shapes, dug out in the sand and filled with pebbles or simply drawn with sticks, get creative!

Beach Craft Activity Sand Castle Unplugged Family Time
Beach Craft Activity Unplugged Family Time
Beach Craft Activity Sand Art Unplugged Family Time
Beach Craft Activity Sand Art2 Unplugged Family Time
Beach Craft Activity Palm Tree Unplugged Family Time

5. share your Works of art

Circular mandalas made entirely out of shells or asymmetrical shapes created with pebbles, seaweed and coral, we want to see your works of art! Share them with our community here. And in case you're on instagram, post your mandala on Monday using #mandalamonday (some beautiful inspiration there).

6. more mandala Activities for kids

Drawing and creating mandalas can become a little addictive, because they are just so pretty. If you'd like to explore them a little more in different settings, check this post Mandala Art for Kids.

And of course there is no shame in admitting you are pretty hooked yourself... I enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw mandalas and there are a ton of printable mandala colouring pages available online for some blissful de-stressing.

creating a mandala on the beach
how to draw a mandala
Printable Mandala Coloring Pages for Mandala Art Kids Activity

mandala for kids Activity | This is how we did

Wow this challenge was such a success! I told the kids we were heading to the beach to create a mandala and showed them some examples on Pinterest. They both got really excited, Aiden was in charge of positioning the shells and Alex was Head Beach Comber, finding the colourful items needed for their pattern. 
We found a vibrant purple jellyfish we used as our center piece and worked outwards from there. The kids got so stuck in, all I had to do was to watch the mandala grow and take pictures. What a blissful afternoon.

Results Creating a Beach Mandala Beach combing and Beach Crafts Unplugged Family Time

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