April 15, 2019 10:43 pm

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[go out] challenge #3: become a forest ranger 
duration: 2 hours

This week, we are heading out into the forest or woodlands. We are becoming forest rangers, trailing off the beaten tracks, looking for animal foot prints, building tree houses and connecting with nature.  

Here is your template for this week's challenge:

1. pick your outdoor outfit and pack the nap sack

Get into the mood by preparing yourselves a nap sack; pack some healthy snacks, water and a tea towel. Since we are dragging around twigs and branches, you'd want to pack your tweezers and a small first aid kit too. Dress like a Forest Ranger (think green/brown/khaki colours) and get your wellies out. Then head off to the forest or woodlands, an area where you are sure to find enough natural materials lying around for building your own treehouse.


Be a Forest Ranger | Build A Shelter In The Woods

The forest provides endless opportunities for some real quality family time and today we will be building a hut together.

  • First, find a suitable long stick to create your tea towel nap sack.
  • Then start hunting the surroundings for the perfect tree to use as a base for your hut. 
  • Start collecting your construction materials: we need walls and roofs, maybe flooring, windows, a door? With branches you can build a base frame and by weaving smaller twigs you can create proper walls.
  • Moss makes for great soft flooring while leaves and grass work as roof tiles.
  • Depending on your children's age, you can build from the ground up, or go higher up into the tree for a house with a view.
  • If you're a planner, bring some rope. Tie branches together for a stronger construction, make a rope ladder or use it to get up higher into the trees. And don't forget to make a swing on the veranda! 
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Kids Forest Rangers Nature-Activity-Screen-Free-Challenge-Unplugged-Family-Time-2

3. Share your results

This challenge just asks for great pictures. Don't keep your treehouses and huts to yourselves, share the pics with our community on facebook!

[GO OUT] CHALLENGE #3 Be a kids forest ranger - results

We headed to the closest forest, only a 10min cycle away. Kids are encouraged here to venture off the official path ways and into the woods, I thought it would be the perfect setting for this week's outdoor challenge. And I was right; we found this beautiful old gnarled tree we built our hut around and the area was scattered with dead branches, twigs and leaves for the walls and roof. We enjoyed a good hour outdoors before the weather turned, we'll be back soon to continue our treehouse project!  

Kids Forest Rangers Results-Nature-Activity-Screen-Free-Challenge-Unplugged-Family-Time

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