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Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas Going on a Bug Hunt Unplugged Family Time

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

FOREST scavenger hunt  
duration: 1-2 hours

This week, we will return to the forest or woodlands with our rangers. You already built some amazing huts together, this time we are going on a scavenger hunt. Just like our challenge in Week 3, we will be connecting with nature so don your khakis and get out the nap sack.   

Here is your template for an amazing outdoor birthday party:

Forest Scavenger Hunt

1. choose your hunting grounds

I recently moved close to the forest and can't get enough of it (yet), so that will be our hunting grounds. But no need to be on the road for hours, you can do this forest activity in any green space near you; a park, courtyard or even in your garden. 

2. pick your target

All you need, is a list of items for your kiddies to find. You can make them up as you go or you can print some of these  hunts I found on Pinterest. There are a lot of unique scavenger hunt ideas out there and you can approach it from every possible angle, collecting items by colour as we did in Week 1, sorting them by texture turning it into a sensory hunt, looking for items by size or more generic seasonal ones.

If your kids (and you!) are ok with creepy crawlies, I suggest you go on a Bug Hunt. Insects are easy to find, usually small and therefore not too intimidating and their anatomy can be extremely interesting. Bring some small glass jars and a magnifying glass to catch and view your bugs  and I am sure the whole family is going to learn something new!

3. we're going on a (bug) Hunt

Once you are in the forest, ask your kids to find a large dead tree or branch. Carefully roll it over and look under. Chances are lots of little critters are scattering and crawling away looking for a new hiding place. Gently catch one or two in your glass jar and investigate them with your magnifying glass. 

After surveying your caterpillars, beetles and wood-lice, make sure you put them back where they came from. Roll back the tree and start again! 

4. share your results

As with any challenge, don't forget to share your findings with the community here, we'd love to hear about your bug hunt and other great scavenger hunt ideas!

week 10: forest scavenger hunt - results

I am all for spontaneity, but since my creepy crawlies knowledge has some serious gaps, I decided to do some prep work: 

  • I purchased this educational leaflet to identify our bugs. There are lots of free printables available online, but I loved these illustrations and it came readily laminated (quite handy when you're going out on a rainy day).
  • I will also be bringing these Insect Fact Cards to discuss our finds (thanks Sarah/Stay At Home Educator for putting together fun facts about the 12 most popular insects!).  
  • We participated in a Kids Survival Day in our National Park a couple of weeks back and were given these very simple bug boxes with an integrated magnifying glass in the lid. Definitely packing those!

Results update: The weather has been pretty wet and miserable this week, so we prepared for a rainy hunt with wellies and raincoats. There were still enough bugs crawling around to get up close and personal with, this is how we did:

Results Scavenger Hunt Ideas Going on a Bug Hunt Unplugged Family Time
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