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At Unplugged Family Time, we're dedicated to making parenting easier. We're all busy and free time is precious, so let's take the hassle out of planning your outdoor activities and games.

Get inspired by our outdoor adventures and download activity templates. So you can spend less time preparing and more time making memories. Go outside and play! 

Easy games & activities To Simplify Your outdoor play

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Whether you're spending time in your own backyard, venture out into the woodlands or to the beach, we've all experienced how the outdoors blows away the cobwebs and nourishes the soul. Being outside has this amazing capability of both energizing and relaxing us at the same time.

Here you find my best resources for a refreshing time outside:

Outdoor Activities For Kids-Nature-Crafts

Nature Crafts

Take your artists outside and create artworks from whatever nature provides. Head to the forest for twigs and chestnuts or comb the beach for shells, you'll find craft materials everywhere.

Outdoor Activities For Kids-Vegetable-Garden


Fun educational projects that create lots of learning and bonding moments, while getting your hands dirty. Create enchanted spaces or grow your own veggies - here's how.


Backyard Games

No need to travel far, find here the best outdoor games for kids, to play in your own backyard. Ever considered building your own waterpark in the garden? 

Most popular resources

Outdoor Games For Kids-Forest-theme-party

Activity Guides

Need to fill an afternoon out and about and looking for inspiration? Organizing an outdoor birthday party? Find activity days ideas here.

Most popular resources

on outdoor activities for kids and parents alike

One in six fathers say they do not know how to play with their child, according to a survey carried out by Playmobil UK. Apparently many parents struggle to fill the day with activities. Especially before kids can walk & talk properly, parents can be at a loss how to occupy their baby. And sadly, a baffling number of 9 out of 10 parents turn to electronic toys to entertain their offspring. 

My advice whenever you're struggling? Go outside!

When exposed to a fresh new environment, inspiration comes pouring in. Games and activities hand themselves on a shiny silver platter. Racing each other downhill during a mountainous walk. Playing a game of tag on the central village square. Combing the beach for seashells or tracking forest trails for footprints.

Best thing is, it doesn't require much effort (and usually, no money!). All you have to do, is get out there and let your new surroundings do the rest. 

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