Making Travel Easier for Busy Parents

the tips and tricks you need for a relaxing family holiday

At Unplugged Family Time, we're dedicated to making travel easier. We're all busy and free time is precious, so let's take the hassle out of planning your holidays.

Browse destinations, download itineraries and activity templates. So you can spend less time preparing and more time making memories. Happy Travels! 

Easy Travel Tips & Tools To Simplify Your Family Travel

- because we all could use a little help - 

I've travelled the world for business and pleasure, and since 2012 as a family. Exploring new places together is a powerful way to create strong family bonds and to get to know yourself. I guess you could say I'm hooked! Here are my best resources:


Travel Tips

Whether you are preparing for your first flight with a toddler or planning a road trip by car or campervan, these are your tools to stay sane while travelling with kids. 

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Travel Guides

The best places to travel with kids, itineraries and things to do. Get inspired and pick your next destination. 

Most popular resources

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Your Mindset

Struggling with guilt feelings regarding traveling with kids? Not sure if it is worth it? Feeling overwhelmed with it all? Find help and support here.

On Making Travel Easier

You're tired. You're feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. You know a jump start won't do the trick, you need a proper break. If only you could get away from it all, pack up and leave for a change of scenery and fresh air. 

Yes, a break! That's what you need. But how?

You can't even start to imagine how to make that happen. You feel the stress rapidly building up. All the preparations, deciding where to go, where to stay, what to pack. No, you have too much on your plate right now. Maybe when things settle down a little.

And you don't have the money anyway. Holidays are expensive and the kids need new school uniforms. Better to save up for more useful things. Better use the time productively, not letting time while away doing nothing at the poolside.

A holiday? What were you thinking!

Stop Sabotaging Yourself
What if I told you, you're right. A break could absolutely be the answer to your problems and your first trip is much closer than you think. 

I've dragged my family across the globe without losing my mind and without going bankrupt. And I've learned that a trip, being it a short getaway or month-long road trip, is the most effective way to recharge your battery. 

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Happy travels!

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