May 7, 2019 12:22 am

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week 4: diy unicorn headband
duration: 2 hours

This week's challenge is slightly different than usual, since it was my daughter's birthday. We organised a unicorn theme party and I wanted to share this colourful arts & crafts activity. 

Here is your template for this week's challenge:

1. get your unicorn party supplies 

You will need:

  • Scissors and glue/glue gun
  • Headbands; You can find cheap volume packs on Amazon, I got mine at H&M, packs of 3. If budget allows, you can also buy headbands complete with horn and ears. 
  • Colourful felt for the horn and ears.  
  • Unicorn headband decorations; You can decorate the horn and headband with anything you fancy, think paper and satin flowers, feathers, colourful thread for the manes, gems, star stickers, pompoms and glitters.
  • For some quick inspiration on horns, ears and decorations, check this Pinterest board.
unicorn headband unicorn party supplies

DIY Unicorn Headband

  • First, make the horn and ears and attach to the headband. I used this template. Depending on the age of the children, you might want to handle this part yourself, it's a little tricky to glue the horn and cut the ears properly. I prepared this the day before to save time and to let the glue dry.

  • Then let the kids use their creativity and imagination to create their magical unicorn headbands. 

  • Once one side is done, flip it over and start again! Kids can decorate 360, meaning many more minutes crafting fun!

  • Don't forget to take pictures of your unicorns and centaurs and show them off to our community on Facebook.
Unicorn Headband Crafts-Screen-Free-Challenge-Unplugged-Family-Time-1
DIY Unicorn Headband Crafts-2-Screen-Free-Challenge-Unplugged-Family-Time-1
week 4: diy unicorn headband - results

We had 15 boys and girls crafting their own unicorn and centaur headbands. I didn't think it would keep them busy for this long, but they all took great care and pride in decorating their horns. They even wore them to school the next day!   

Unicorn Headband Results Screen-Free-Challenge-Unplugged-Family-Time-1
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