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At Unplugged Family Time, we're dedicated to making parenting easier. We're all busy and free time is precious, so let's help you figuring out what to do when you're stuck inside. 

easy indoor activities & games for a brilliant time inside

Here are my best resources from crafts and DIY tutorials to recipes for family dinners. So you can spend less time preparing and more time playing, building and bonding!  

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Cooking with kids

Whether you are preparing breakfast or cooking a family dinner, here you find easy recipes and other tools to enjoy family meals together. 

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Building stuff with the kids is a fun way to boost their confidence and skill. You'll get totally addicted to their proud little faces, promise!

Most popular resources

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Rainy day Games

Looking for educational board games, card games or just a quick game while waiting for the rain to stop? Get ready for some quality indoor family time! 

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on using indoor activities to strengthen connections

Studies have shown a positive link between regular family activities and emotionally strong children. The power behind family rituals lies in the fact that it brings families together, who spend quality time together, at regular intervals.

COVID has suddenly left us with abundant time in each other’s presence, but the sheer quantity can quickly negatively affect the quality of our interactions. Bring structure to your family time with recurring moments where you give each other your undivided attention. This could be meal time like breakfast or dinner, daily afternoon strolls or weekly game nights, anything goes.

We started a new Saturday morning tradition, where we lazy around in our pyjamas, bake pancakes, and have a long leisurely brunch together. I’m thankful for the conversations that present themselves, it allows me to understand what is really going on in their lives and to give guidance. It’s a moment all four of us look forward to, to recharge after a hectic week.

So if you're up for strengthening connections while being stuck inside, enter your details below and I'll send you my master list of games.

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